MBFWMadrid 2014 – Interview With Designers Part Four

Beatriz Peñalver-small

Hello loves! I hope you’re enjoying the weekend. For my fourth and last interview during Fashion Week I spoke with Beatriz Peñalver, a young designer from Granada, Spain, who debuted her first Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid (MBFWMadrid) runway collection this september.

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For my third interview during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid I met Juanjo Oliva a couple of hours right before his runway show. He’s worked in the Fashion Industry for over 20 years and he has definitely made himself a household name in Spain. Oliva is well known for his feminine dresses and bridal gowns. This time he’s partnered for the second year in a row with El Corte Ingles and Elogy for the Juanjo Oliva para Elogy collection. Click on read more to see more of the interview and the runway.

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MBFWMadrid 2014 Look Three


Fashion Week is over and I’ve been able to rest for a bit. Attending Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid (MBFWMadrid) was definitely a great experience and I’m grateful I got to go to see so many runway collections. Soon I’ll be posting my reviews and favorites. So stay tuned.

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MBFWMadrid 2014 Look Two

COS Skirt 8jpg

Hello Loves! Here’s my second photo shoot look for MBFWMadrid. I’ve had so much at Fashion Week and specially at this photo shoot. As you can see I’ve gone a little bit outside of my comfort zone. We did some crazy shots for this one and their perfectly appropriate for what I was wearing.

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MBFWMadrid 2014 Look One

FW Look1-4

Happy Monday Loves! I’ve been on Fashion Week mode the past couple of days and I am exhausted! Here’s my first look at MBFWMadrid  (it’s actually the second outfit I wore, but the first I did a photo session with) and I’m wearing a Sandro top and skirt I got on the summer sales. Gotta take advantage of those sales when you can!

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MBFWMadrid 2014 – Interview with Designers Part Two


Following my interview with Roberto Verino, which if you haven’t seen you can check it out here, I interviewd Moises Nieto. His a young but well respected designer in Spain and his new collection ideal for nightlife and fun summer moments.

Nieto’s inspiration for Summer 2015, a no named collection, is the Disco Fever era in New York City. His inspiration for style and beauty this time is the incomparable Bianca Jagger and his description of it all…Freedom.

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